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Bath + Body

Caroline Placey

Caroline is the best wedding planner/designer in North Carolina! I might be a little biased because she coordinated my wedding in 2019 but that is besides the point 😉 She is so easy to work with and I swear she has some sort of magic powers because she makes everything so seamless. Go check her out on Instagram @caroline_collective or her WEBSITE.




McMahon Family

Noelle + Hayden (Self Portrait)


Corporate Blonde

Tess has created the ULTIMATE guide to fashion in the corporate world. She curates the best pieces and puts them together for chic looks for in and out of the office. If you want to feel inspired go check out her blog using the link above or find her on Instagram @corporate_blonde_

The Modern Homebody

When Arielle came to me with the idea of launching a lifestyle blog I was immediately on board! Her ideas are so creative and her cooking is incredible (I get the added benefit of getting to taste the goods after our sessions). If you haven’t done so already, definitely check out her blog using the link above!